weekly critter, December 11, 2015

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Linda and I are finally getting back to normal.  Neither of us has felt good this week and we're blaming it on Florida, I won't go into details. 

I installed a new pump in the hot tub and it seems to be working, surprise-surprise.  The transmission on the power wagon is next, then the bearings on the RV.  It never seems to end.  I walked outside this morning to find out what the dog was barking at (our neighbor, who she's know since she was a pup) and I heard a loud buzzing.  Searching out the source of the noise I found our front bushes (fatsia japonica) covered with bees, wasps, flies and a 'butterfly-moth'.  I haven't ID'ed it yet but it looks like a confused moth that's out during the day.  You've got to love Georgia, it's the middle of December, 75 degrees out and we have flowers blooming.  Remind me what I just said when I'm complaining about the weather in Febu-awful.

I have two photos today, both from the buzzing bush.  The first is a green bottle fly and the second is a
green kleptoparasite cuckoo wasp.  Both of these ID's are tentative.  If someone knows different let me know.  I'll have more photos from the buzzing bush next week.





fly - green bottle_23293fly - green bottle_23293




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