weekly critter, March 30, 2013

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We're heading down to Florida to see Linda's family for a few days next week so I thought I'd get the critter out early.  Looks like spring has finally sprung.  It's 72 degrees outside and sunny.  I wanted to go sit on the porch and snooze all day but Linda was a slave driver and made me work on getting the RV ready to go.  Such is life.  We're both looking forward to heading south for a few days.  My plan is to photograph anything that will sit still long enough for me to press the shutter button, catch another fish (and get a photo this time so you believe me) and drink a few gin and tonics.  I guess I'll see what Linda has planned for me.  Hopefully, it won't be to different.

I have two photos for you today.  The first is a mushroom that I thought was pretty cool looking.  I took the photo last fall in our side yard. The second photo is of the dam at High Falls state park.  It was cold and windy the day I photographed the dam but the sky was crystal clear and the polarizing filter rendered it this beautiful blue.






high falls sp_15151-3-30-2013


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