weekly critter, September 25, 2012

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Linda and I finally had time to go on a multi-night trip in the new RV.   We packed up the dog and went up to cloudland canyon state park in northwest GA.  If I remember correctly it had been almost 50 years since the last time I was there.  It's amazing how time flies.   Anyway,  the park is beautiful.  Lots of beautiful vistas, waterfalls and hiking trails.  We came home exhausted.  

The first several nights we just about had the east rim park to ourselves.  Then it turned friday evening.   Between 5 and 7 o'clock every available area fulled up (and some not supposed to be available)  .  Tents, tents and more tents, everywhere.  The only thing there was more of than tents was children.   Then it seemed like every campsite had to have a smouldering campfire. By 8 o'clock you needed fog lamps just to find the bathhouse because of all the smoke.    At least there weren't any bugs. 

I have two photos for you today.  The first is a view of the canyon in the early (for me) morning and the second is a white-breasted nuthatch which is a new bird for me.  I also got a few photos of a black vulture which is another new bird.  Maybe I'll post those next week.   I did see a beautiful red tailed hawk.  I was at one of the observation areas enjoying the view when the hawk flew down the canyon about 100 feet below me.  And there I was with a 'landscape' lens on my camera instead of a bird 'lens'.   Maybe next time.  Now I just had a good idea.  I need two cameras so I don't have to change lenses.   And guess what, canon just came out with a new version of the 5D which is a great nature camera body.   Anyone have $3,500.00 they can lend me?





cloudland canyon sp_13265-9-25-2012


white-breasted nuthatch_13348-9-25-2012


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