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weekly critter, September 21, 2017

September 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

We're just about back to normal around here.  There's still small stuff to clean up but that's on the back burner.  I guess we would be completely back to normal except for the kitten.  What a handful.  He's either moving at ninety per hour or sleeping.  I want some of that energy.  I think we misnamed him.  He should have been named stinky instead of stash.  That cat can even run the dog out of the room.  Hope he outgrows it.


Linda and I went up to Athens yesterday to walk around the State Botanical Garden and have lunch.  It was nice to get away for a while.  The garden did get hammered by Irma but I was able to find a few nice flowers to photograph.  The first photo is of a swamp hibiscus and an accompanying bug.  The second photo is of a surprise lily, one of many names.  It is also called a 'naked lady' because it flowers then the leaves grows around the bloom.  Y'all know I can't pass up photographing a naked lady.




swamp hibiscus_24946swamp hibiscus_24946


surprise lily_24940surprise lily_24940


weekly critter, September 15, 2017

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What a week.  We lost power, water and cell service Monday morning well before Irma really hit.  We finally had power restored late yesterday.  Living without electricity wasn't a big hassle but not having water stinks, literally.   Fortunately, we had a good supply of drinking water and could use the hot tub water for the toilet but I'm in my mid 60's and refuse to take a cold shower (as if I needed one).  If we didn't have power back by today I  was going to soap up and go jump in the lake.  This morning it was so nice to take a long hot shower.  Other damage was minimal except for all the ruined food.  In the past when we've had an extended power outage it's always been in the winter so thawing food wasn't an issue.  Since I'm getting old and like my creature comforts I may just have to buy a generator.  It's only money...right.


I have two photos for you today, both taken several months ago.  The first is of a bumble bee and the second is a rhododendron.







weekly critter, September 10, 2017

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Just sitting here waiting for the big blow to start.  Actually, my driveway is green from all the leave blown out of the trees.  I hope all of my friends, especially those in Florida, Georgia and Alabama, have moved to high ground.  This storm could be nasty.


Animal dynamics are something to behold.  The cat loves the dog (really), the kitten wants to be friends with the cat but is leery of the dog and the dog just wants to be left alone.  However, at feeding time everything changes.  The cat wants the kitten food, the dog wants the cat food and the kitten wants everyone's food, including ours.  What a munch mouth.


I have three photos this week.  The first is of the sun.  I figured this was appropriate since we won't be seeing it for a while and there is some sunspot activity.  The second is of a Windward Flare orchid.  It will probably be blown to bits tomorrow.  The last is called 'life is good'.  A glass of wine and a kitten to play with.  What more could you want.


Please stay safe.




windward flare_24912windward flare_24912




weekly critter, August 31, 2017

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I don't think I've done anything constructive this week except go see doctors.  At least I now have antibiotics for my quarterly sinus infection. 


Other than that the only exciting thing that's happened around here is the addition of a new family member.  Meet Stash, which is short for mustache.  All you children of the 60's quit smirking.  I came up with Stash because he looks like he has a mustache.  Linda wanted to name him Star Stuff.  I just couldn't see me going outside to call him and yelling 'stuff'.  Stash is a rescue kitty a friend in the neighborhood was fostering and he's about three months old.  Aside of one 'accident'  he's settling in nicely.  Our other cat Lily hates him of course but she'll settle down in a few days.  One thing I really like about this kitten is he knows how to play with us and not use his claws.  There's been no blood spilled, yet.  Although, I was rather unceremoniously awakened about 3am when he chomped down on my big toe.  It's been a long time since we've had a puppy or kitten.   







weekly critter, August 24, 2017

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I hope everyone got to see the eclipse.  If you have solar glasses save them for the next eclipse on April 8, 2024.  Linda and I watched the eclipse from our house where we reached 98+ of totality. It was really beautiful.  We were all packed and loaded to travel to a farm in the path of totality near Greenwood SC with friends from the Deerlick Astronomy village but...no good deed goes unpunished.  Friday we did an eclipse outreach for 100+ 4th graders.  I guess Linda caught some form of  'kid cootie crud' which really zapped her energy.  We decided not to share our 'gift' with friends, so we stayed home.  I don't know if it's a cold or flu but she's still not feeling well and neither am I. 


So guess what I've photographed for you this week.  I like the moon swallowing up the sunspots.